Greetings in Jesus name!  I trust your new year is off to a good start. I believe God has great things in store for his people in 2018!

I am writing this to communicate concerning “1, with God”, an Apostolic Singles Conference that FPC Vicksburg, MS will be hosting April 13-14. After an incredible conference last year with Bro and Sis Ballestero, Sis Lyndal Hair, and Pastor James Townley, we are excited about all that will transpire at the meeting this year.

The sponsors and speakers of this conference are keenly aware of the need for fellowship and focused teaching to this segment of our church and community.

Wikipedia defines a “single” person as someone who is “not in a relationship or is unmarried”. With this definition in mind, consider this:

—In 2011 there were 102.1 million singles in America, that represented 44.1% of all US residents. By 2014, just 3 short years later, there were 124.6 million singles in America, representing over 50% of all US residents.

I believe that one of the great untapped resources within our churches is this group of people.  It is our desire to encourage and inspire this demographic within the Apostolic church. We want to instill a fresh understanding that in this phase of life, they can fulfill their God-given purpose; they can flourish and be incredible difference makers in their church and effective witnesses in their community.

 While attending “1, with God”, there will be wholesome and beneficial fellowship, but rest assured, this is not a match making service. We will have church services and split sessions that are formatted with intention to minister to never-married singles, as well as divorced and widowed singles of all ages.

—Pastor and Sis Calhoun will speak to the never married single men and women.

—Pastor Tim Joiner will be speaking to the divorced and widowed men and women.

The complete schedule, lodging suggestions, and other information is available at We are doing our best to keep the registration costs low to make it as feasible as possible for people to come and be a part.

If there is anyone that you feel would benefit from this encouraging and uplifting conference, we would be honored to have them with us at “1, with God”.


Pastor D. P. Tipton